BPW Women of the world – Dance with us

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Pubblicato in data 02/lug/2012 da Sabine Schmelzer

Women love to dance – let us dance together worldwide!

This dance was designed for the song: “Women of the World” by Jeanette Arsenault from Canada (www.jeanettearsenault.ca) that is available in English, French, Italian and Spanish on iTunes.

It is easy to learn and you can dance it wherever you want.


We would like to dance it with all the women (more than 300) at the European Congress 2012 in Italy (www.bpw-italy.org)

You can practice in advance and then we can dance together in Sorrento. Or you can dance it at any BPW congress or event with other women.




On 9th June 2012 members of BPW France participated in a world cafe for the development of their organization. The world cafe was moderated by Sabine Schmelzer, Regional Coordinator Europ

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